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Jess LeClair plays Crystal in Contemporary Theater Company's weekly series "To Be Continued ..."

WAKEFIELD – Contemporary Theater Company’s “To Be Continued” is one of the more unusual and innovative artistic projects in South County this year – a fully improvised season of a live soap opera, with performances every Thursday, through Aug 29, at 7:30 p.m.

The improvisers will weave plots of love, deception, unexpected reunions, life and death situations. The story builds week-to-week, so you can follow your favorite characters all summer long or jump into the story any given week.

Each week, The Independent will publish a synopsis of the previous week’s episode, so that readers can catch up on any action they might have missed.

Last week on To Be Continued… (June 27)

The episode begins with wealthy and powerful Ana María De La Rosa Ramírez finds that Drew Davenport has been hiding in her hotel even when she told her estranged husband Mark that she had run off to Colorado. Ana agrees to keep Drew’s presence a secret. Drew reveals that all she can think about is kissing Ana. But Ana cannot deal with this revelation, leaving Drew alone.

Meanwhile Mark has been pouring his heart out to Lillian about Drew, only to discover that she’s known all along where Drew was. Can he trust her? Lillian meets with Raúl, and we discover that they are siblings. What happened to their parents who disappeared? Why are they after the Davenport family? And why are they keeping it secret that they are related?

Drew and Mark meet in the hotel bar. The distraught and rejected Drew, throws herself back into the arms of Mark, saying she truly wants to make their marriage work. Mark is thrilled, but can Drew suppress her feelings for Ana? Does she really want this marriage?

Hope wants to get revenge on Wilhelmina Davenport for kissing her father, Graham Williamson at his campaign kick-off. Hope enlists Mark, Lillian, and Raúl’s help to blackmail Wilhelmina. Raúl knows that Wilhelmina caused the accident that ran him out of town and destroyed his love Bianca 5 years ago, if only he can find the video that proves it.

Crystal Williamson confides in her son, Mark, that she doesn’t know if she wants to stay with her husband Graham after the debacle at his campaign announcement. Graham assures Crystal that nothing is going on with him and Wilhelmina. Is he telling the truth? Can he resist Wilhelmina’s advances?

There’s a new doctor in Oldport who looks suspiciously like Raúl’s ex Bianca. Dr. Acanbi offers Graham Williamson support for his campaign if he gets her new clients. Soon enough, Hope Williamson finds herself in Dr. Acanbi’s office. In a suspicious turn, Dr. Acanbi convinces Hope to take some paint samples to a lab in Newport to get tested.

Hope isn’t the only one to visit the doctor - Wilhelmina Davenport visits Dr. Acanbi. She’s taken aback swearing that the doctor looks just like Bianca, who she wronged long ago. Dr. Acanbi gets Wilhelmina to start spilling all her secrets. Will Wilhelmina regret her loose tongue? Is Dr. Acanbi really who she says she is?

Brock Davenport returns from Columbia and in an impassioned speech tells Ana that they should buy a house together. Ana rejects him saying he can never be the man she wants him to be. Will they reconcile? Or will she find happiness with Raúl?

Brock reveals to Lillian that the stress of his frequent trips is getting to him. Lillian offers to go with him. Will Lillian get sucked into the smuggling business herself? Will she use Brock’s trust in her to bring him down?

On the beach, Dr. Acanbi and Ana meet in secret, but are soon interrupted by Raúl. Raúl confronts Dr. Acanbi, saying she must be Bianca, but the doctor quickly runs off. Ana reveals to Raúl that she is pregnant and insists that the child is his. Is she telling the truth? Will they become one happy family?

In the tense final moments of the episode, Hope is driving to Newport on a mission for Dr. Acanbi. Suddenly, she’s hit by a truck. Raúl and Lillian find her body thrown from the car and lying in the street. Graham calls Crystal to tell her there’s been an accident. Will Hope survive? Was this truly an accident? Find out this week on To Be Continued...

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