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With several ties to Rhode Island, the rock group Silverteeth hopes local music fans follow along as it continues to grow.

Starting out in Brooklyn, settling in Newport and currently based in Providence, indie rock trio Silverteeth have always exhibited a fearless approach in forming their sound. At times they can lean towards folk, then shift to post-punk and then pull off a powerpop jam. This unique style comes from the husband and wife songwriting partnership between Charlestown native Bill Bartholomew on guitar and bassist Gabriela Rassi from Goiânia, Brazil. Tiverton’s Tom Berglund completes the trio on drums while providing a solid foundation for their music. On April 19, Silverteeth will be putting out the next chapter of their discography with a double-sided cassette featuring the songs “Mother” and “A Yellow Butterfly”.

“I like the way these two songs came out”, Bartholomew says on the release. “There’s a good amount of soul in the tracks. I worked out a lot of my own ideas during this process while dialing in some of the things I’ve been searching for and the band has been growing into. Both are good summer tunes, a day and an evening one. I just can’t wait to get the material rolling to follow these up and I like where we are heading.”

The band also took a lot from the experience of recording both songs. They got to work with pure professionals like The Low Anthem’s Jeff Prystowsky who did the recording at the Eyeland Studio within the Columbus Theater in Providence’s west end. John Agnello, who’s worked with the likes of Dinosaur Jr., Kurt Vile and Sonic Youth, handled the mixing at his studio in Brooklyn while Brad Krieger and Chaimes Parker oversaw the mastering at Big Nice Studio in Lincoln.

“We learned a ton through this recording process, “ Rassi adds. “More important than anything for me was the learning process, both attending the Rhode Island School Of Design and recording during finals was undeniably challenging. It’s like the whole process is still sinking in and I am still taking mental notes. We also met some really good people like Brad, Chaimes and John. It was also great to work again with our old friend Jeff.”

“I guess I’m always looking forward to the next project, as I finish a project”, she mentions. “I look forward to bringing more of what I’ve been learning with painting and sound at school while going back to play again.”

There was also a lot of work that went into making the cassette. With that being said, most of the time hard work on a creative project can be rewarding once the end result materializes.

“It’s a lot of work to create finished compositions in the studio but the payoff of quality tracks is always worth it,” Berglund talks about how he feels about both songs. “I feel that these songs really represent the focus and direction our band has worked toward the past couple of years.”

“Mother” has Rassi taking the lead on vocals while her bass has a big presence. This one definitely has more of a post-punk vibe to it, from the way she delivers the lyrics and how everything is put together from beginning to end. Bartholomew sings on “A Yellow Butterfly” while conveying a genuine pop element. The tune is adorned with upbeat rhythms while the production on it is stunning. Both songs are great examples of the subtle complexities that Silverteeth’s music has.

Make sure to be on the lookout for the cassette when it comes out. Chances are that it’ll be available online to stream as well, but the physical representation is one to be cherished. Once it’s in your hands, find a boombox, put it in the tape deck, press play and let the ears be taken on a sonic voyage.

Rob Duguay is a Rhode Island-based music writer. Send him email at rob.c.duguay@gmail.com.

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