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Contemporary Theater Company's Chris Simpson plays Raul in "To Be Continued ..."

WAKEFIELD – Contemporary Theater Company’s “To Be Continued” is one of the more unusual and innovative artistic projects in South County this year – a fully improvised season of a live soap opera, with performances every Thursday, through Aug 29, at 7:30 p.m.

The improvisers will weave plots of love, deception, unexpected reunions, life and death situations. The story builds week-to-week, so you can follow your favorite characters all summer long or jump into the story any given week.

Each week, The Independent will publish a synopsis of the previous week’s episode, so that readers can catch up on any action they might have missed.

Last week on To Be Continued… (June 27)

A tense night ended up with more trouble stirred up last week on  To Be Continued... An Improvised Soap Opera.

The Williamson family rushes to the hospital, and Graham badgers Dr. Eisner for answers he doesn’t have. Hope’s in critical condition - and it seems so are the relationships of her family.

As soon as Brock Davenport, who is secretly Hope Williamson’s father, hears of her car accident, he rushes to the hospital and poses as a doctor to sneak in to see her. As they sneak through the halls, sparks fly with Brock and Crystal Williamson and their relationship starts to rekindle.

Meanwhile Dr. Acanbi makes a move on Graham Williamson in her office at the hospital. At first, Graham rejects her and leaves. But soon enough, he finds himself in her arms... and perhaps under her thumb.

Ana confides in Lillian that she is pregnant with Raul’s child. Lillian is furious at Raul, her brother, for getting distracted and disrupting their plans.

Raul confides in Mark that Lillian is his sister. He says that their parents were killed in an FBI eviction raid ordered by the Davenports. What sort of revenge are they plotting?

Wilhelmina Davenport hosts a 4th of July party, and tensions are on the rise. Dr. Acanbi and Graham Williamson sneak off together, but are intercepted by Wilhelmina, who also puts the moves on Graham. Meanwhile Crystal Williamson and Brock Davenport are getting close at the party as well.

Just as Ana is about to announce her pregnancy, Dr. Acanbi steals her thunder, announcing to everyone that she is pregnant and Graham is the father. No one quite believes this lie, but the party is thrown into disarray. Ana announces her pregnancy and leaves. Wilhelmina slaps her lover Brock. Wilhelmina slaps Crystal. Finally, Crystal slaps Wilhelmina.

In the aftermath, Wilhelmina apologizes to Graham and offers to pay his daughter Hope’s medical bills and donate to his campaign.

Meanwhile, Drew confronts Ana. Last week Drew told Ana she wanted to kiss her, and Ana ran off. Now Drew is hurt that Ana didn’t tell her about her pregnancy and letting her find out in front of everyone. Things get heated and Drew confesses she wants to take it all back - her marriage, telling Ana about her feelings. She just wants her friend back. But Ana says she’s dealing with too much right now to fix Drew’s life for her.

Finally, before heading back to the hospital, Crystal Williamson and Brock Davenport steal a kiss. What consequences will this have for their lives? Find out this week on  To Be Continued...

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