It is rare to say a politician saved you money, but that is the reality for North Kingstown.

Our State Representative, Bob Craven, has been effectively doing that since being elected in 2012. Because of Rep. Craven, Social Security benefits are now exempt from state taxation, which, according to WPRI, kept $20 million in the pockets of retirees that otherwise would have been owed to the state.

Additionally, Craven reformed Rhode Island’s estate tax, by significantly expanding tax exemptions, as well as reducing Rhode Island’s corporate tax to the lowest rate in New England.

He has also passed bills bringing millions of federal dollars to Quonset Point, resulting in the creation of hundreds of jobs in North Kingstown and exempting original art works from sales taxes, increasing business in Wickford village. That means more jobs and an economic boost for North Kingstown. It is remarkable that one person, in office for just four years, can do so much for us.

The former head of the Public Corruption Unit at the Attorney General’s Office, Craven has also been a champion of reform at the Statehouse. His work has led to the elimination of the “master lever,” reform of campaign finance laws to ensure ethics and integrity in politics, and helped place Question 2 on our ballot to extend Ethics Commission jurisdiction over the General Assembly. In light of some controversies on Smith Hill in recent years, it is comforting to know that our representative is standing for exemplary honesty and integrity.

As a direct result of Rep. Craven’s efforts, Rhode Islanders are paying less in taxes, jobs are being created, and our political system is being reformed. There is no one more deserving of re-election on November 8 than Rep. Bob Craven.

Anthony and Sylvia De Luca

North Kingstown

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