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Narragansett High School science teachers Sarah Krous and Chris Dolos recently received $20,000 worth of chemistry equipment, supplies and training.

Teachers at Narragansett and North Kingstown high schools have each received $20,000 worth of chemistry equipment, supplies and training through a program to help boost student performance in science, technology, engineering and math.

The Narragansett High School recipients are chemistry teachers Sarah Krous and Chris Dolos. North Kingstown chemistry teachers Susan Eriksen and Richard Sweetman also received the equipment and training.

It was awarded through the East Bay Educational Collaborative on Oct. 28 and 29.

Funding for the program, called A Natural Approach to Chemistry, came through a U.S. Office of Naval Research Physics 360o grant to EBEC.

EBEC prioritized applicants serving Naval and military communities and selected Narragansett and North Kingstown high schools as two of 10 recipients.

The A Natural Approach to Chemistry program includes six portable lab stations, probeware and software to create and analyze graphs produced by the students, chemicals, laboratory manuals, e-texts, textbooks, virtual experiments, simulations and interactive tools.

The four local instructors will receive the entire package, and took part in two days of extensive professional development at EBEC on Monday and Tuesday.

Physics 360o is a three-year program spearheaded by Ronald Kahn, EBEC’s Office of Naval Research project director, and funded by the Office of Naval Research to address gaps in the U.S. STEM talent pool.

EBEC and East Bay chemistry teachers developed A Natural Approach to Chemistry that Lab-Aids, Inc. then published, improved and sold throughout the country.

Physics 360o builds on a prior, highly successful EBEC/ONR-funded Essential Physics curriculum called Improving the STEM Pipeline.

Physics 360o is in its second year of existence. The first year’s group of schools, from 2018-19, benefited from both the hands-on, high quality professional development received at EBEC and watching student STEM engagement increase.

The Office of Naval Research grants to EBEC, Improving the STEM Pipeline and Physics 360o, help build and sustain an up-and-coming science and engineering workforce.

They do so by engaging students in real-life laboratory experiments using contemporary green technology and understandable instruction.

Within the next few weeks, EBEC will accept high school applications for more STEM resources. These include a Navy-themed “World of Waves” and online platform by JASON Learning, Aecern presentations on “Twilight” and salt marshes, and Lab-Aids Workshops.

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