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NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — Economic Development Administrator Liz Dolan confirmed to The Independent on Tuesday that Wickford on the Water, a restaurant in the heart of the village, is due to be sold next month.

During a phone interview, Dolan said that she believes the sale will be effective on March 11, and J.B. on the Water, LLC is the buyer. She said the sale is going to be heard by the Town Council during its March 11 meeting.

“The owners are coming in and that is basically all I know,” Dolan told the Economic Development Advisory Board on Tuesday night during her report. “They’ve got a signed deal that they are investing money.”

Wickford on the Water, which was re-branded from the Beach Rose Cafe, celebrated its ribbon cutting on Dec. 14, 2017. Greg Stevens, who also owns Uptown Burger Bar and Frankie’s Italian Kitchen, said it was a “no-brainer” to buy the space and said reaction at the time was positive.

Stevens said in April of last year that he decided to change the name because some customers were confused, and that the re-brand would help the restaurant turn up higher in search results online.

“I think the customers seem to be very happy now with the changes to the menu and the fact it’s a sit-down restaurant and that we re-modeled,” Stevens said during a 2017 interview with The Independent. “I think people are pleasantly surprised when they walk in now. I think overall it’s been very positive.”

As of press time, Stevens could not be reached for comment.

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