I am writing in response to the clearly politically motivated and ill-informed letter on animal testing in the Nov. 29 issue. Animal rights is a social justice movement whose time has come. As the reality that animals are individuals with feelings and desires and lives of their own breaks through into human consciousness, pushback such as that presented in the article is inevitable. Big profits are made from animals’ lives, be it by painfully ripped out feathers for down jackets,stealing baby elephants from their families and forcing them to dance in circuses,taking baby cows from their frantic mothers right after they are born so the mother can be hooked to a machine so people can drink her baby’s milk, or, as in this case, subjecting sentient animals to harsh chemicals and slicing them up alive, (called vivisection) in laboratories.

Mr. Angelo tries making a point by saying that, “It is widely acknowledged that this valuable research cannot be replaced by petri dishes or computer models,” when in fact the exact opposite is true. This is the very reason that animal rights activists are going to succeed in ending this useless cruel practice he refers to as “research.”

For this same reason only one medical school in the entire country still experiments on animals.

Most important is the question of what gives us the right as one species on this planet to dominate and use every other species on earth any way we choose by over-powering them. Is it because we are the species that is rapidly destroying the environment for all of us to the brink of no return? Maybe it’s because we are so smart we have created weapons that have us poised to end the world in nuclear armageddon. Our treatment of animals is cruel and heartless, and ending it is crucial to our evolution as a species.

If we are ever to see a peaceful, compassionate world, which I know most of us long for so deeply, then what has for so long been society’s status quo for treating animals has to go completely. Assuming that we have some right to wear animals’ skins, and use them for entertainment, and eat them and experiment on them must end now.

And let peace begin on your plate. You can’t say you love animals and eat them. Do you see the contradiction? You can go vegan today and help be the change we want to see in the world. As we evolve,scientific research can continue with petri dishes and computer models,and we can leave the animals free from harm,to live their lives as they deserve to.

Cynthia Cruser


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