There is an opportunity to give Wickford a new look. It is evident that if we try to keep everything the way it was, Wickford is going to have difficulties with small businesses, traffic control, parking availability and, harbor attraction to stimulate tourism. But if the managers of the town and a group of the town’s people step back and design Wickford for the future, every element will strengthen the neighboring element.

So a new rail system or bus system from outside the village area will solve a few problems. A one-way circular road system with scooter and bicycle lanes will solve other problems. A scooter and bike rental system will bring the village up to date. Stressing these elements will increase business, attract more people to enjoy the historic village of Wickford and attract more seaside activity. The improvements to the basic structure of the town will be looked at with a brighter eye as more elements are added to the equation.

Planned correctly, a new Wickford will pay for itself.

Richard Barker Grant


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