State Rep. Bob Craven (D-Dist. 32, North Kingstown) has a long and distinguished career of public service. Bob has been a resident of North Kingstown since 1973, and upon graduating from law school, joined the Rhode Island attorney general’s office as a prosecutor, where he served from 1983-92, protecting the citizens of Rhode Island. Bob also served the citizens of North Kingstown as an elected member of the North Kingstown Town Council from 1994-96. During this same period, Bob served as the legal counsel for the Rhode Island Board of Elections. Presently, Bob is the assistant solicitor in both the city of East Providence and the town of Charlestown, and is also the probate judge in the town of Charlestown.

First elected to the Rhode Island House of Representatives in November 2012, Rep. Craven became a committee chairman when he was appointed chairman of Municipal Government in his freshman term, and presently is the chairman of the House Committee on Labor. Many in the House of Representatives rely upon his expertise as a former prosecutor to provide guidance and assistance, and his background as a solicitor provides great knowledge on many municipal issues.

With the above in mind, I strongly urge you to support and vote to re-elect Craven as your state representative from District 32. I have been a resident of North Kingstown since 1979, and have known Bob Craven for many years. He is a true leader with an exemplary character, deserving of re-election as your state representative from District 32.

Dolores J. Burke North Kingstown

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