Ann Hebert, who has recently retired from medical practice, has been elevating the care of pulmonary patients in the South County community for over 30 years. For the first eight years of her career, she was literally “always on” — available to us 24/7.  As the first pulmonologist to care for patients in South County, her impact was enormous.

Ann brought sub-specialty pulmonary expertise to the care of our ICU patients, including expert ventilator management and the use of bronchoscopy. She became sleep certified, and ran our outstanding sleep and pulmonary function labs. She oversaw a successful pulmonary rehab program, and she took exceptional care of our outpatients at her busy Narragansett office. In 1996, Ann attracted Leon Puppi to join her, further expanding the availability of expert pulmonary care in our community.

When Ann consulted on a patient, she often made a contribution that significantly improved that patient’s care. Primary care physicians and hospitalists, as well as specialists like myself, would usually learn something from one of her consultations. Her notes were comprehensive, yet provided practical and useful clinical recommendations. She often elicited additional medical history beyond what others had obtained, in a way that helped elucidate the patient’s medical problems. She always provided broad and informative differential diagnoses.

Our medical community has been greatly enriched by Ann Hebert. She will be deeply missed by patients and physicians. We sincerely thank and congratulate Ann for her distinguished career.

Neil Brandon


The writer is the South County Hospital cardiology medical director.

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