Over the past year my family and I travel three to four times a week to the many towns visiting different dog parks to exercise and socialize our two dogs. It can be a wonderful experience for the dogs and owners alike. I believe North Kingstown needs to build a larger, more centrally located dog park on the grounds of the now vacant Wickford Elementary School located at 99 Phillips St., North Kingstown. This parcel of land measures approximately six acres of land which could be a place for dogs of all shapes and sizes and their owners.

A successful dog park utilizes land associated with other town recreational areas. The South Kingstown Dog Park is located on St. Dominic Road along with the South Kingstown Athletic Center and the Broad Rock Athletic Fields along with a walking paths down to Old Mountain Field. The town facility is well maintained and hosts a large volume of visitors each day. Specifically, the dog park is build down in the back to the right of a baseball field. There are three spacious dog paddocks for dogs of all sizes and socializing needs. Paddocks are separated for small dogs and large dogs. There is also another paddock for training and special needs available. Running water is supplied along with weekly maintenance. Solar lighting has been installed for those late night runs. Responsible dog owners clean up after their pets and dispose of waste in supplied trash cans.

This project would be a compliment to our beautiful town of North Kingstown. It would increase visitor population  to Wickford and in turn help existing business. It is a positive, healthy and enjoyable addition to our town. Residents should consider the potential possibilities of this proposal and ask the NK Town Council to support it.

Emily Hanley

North Kingstown

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