I own a small business, Applied Radar, Inc., based in the Quonset business park, and have been here for 20 years. Last month, we received a $50 invoice from the North Kingstown police department for “services rendered” responding to our burglar alarm (false alarm) that seems to go off periodically and unexpectedly due to wind and other factors.  

The September invoice we received was for a call from August of this year. My administrative assistant paid the bill in October, but inadvertently lumped the $50 payment with our property taxes to the town. So I received a summons last week to appear in court regarding the “late” $50 payment.

This to me seems to be an abuse of power, tying up the judicial system over non-payment (30 days late) of a minor invoice for police services. Not months late or a year late. Not refusal to pay. First of all, the NK police department is already paid for by our taxes.

Secondly, I have to think that a judge makes more than $50 an hour, so summoning a business owner to court has got to cost the town more than $50.

Thirdly, does North Kingstown really want to annoy business owners who are hiring employees and bringing tax revenue into RI by dragging them into court over a petty issue such as an alarm going off?

I called the administrative clerk to complain about it and all she said was “sorry you feel this way.”

How about if I drag you to court every time you are late for a bill, or inadvertently paid a bill incorrectly? That is an abuse of power.

Bill Weedon

North Kingstown

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