I am writing in response to a letter to the editor, published in The Independent July 25, 2019, in which North Kingstown Town Councilor Richard Welch suggested the town does not have a plan or an intended use for the historic town hall restoration.

I sat through every Town Council meeting while this topic was discussed by a previous council when Richard Welch was Town Council president. This was an open, public process and there is a plan.

That council hired DBVW Architects to do a feasibility study on the restoration / renovation of the building so that all departments could be accommodated in the space. The firm presented a plan at a Town Council meeting which provided historic restoration of the existing building and the addition of a complementary new building connected to the original building. This study is available on the town website.

Floor plans were presented showing where each department could be placed according to their space requirements. Departments slated to return to this new and renovated facility would be council chambers, town manager, building and planning, finance and tax, town clerk, water department, recreation department, information technology, and support and common spaces.

The architectural firm also discussed associated costs with contingency dollars built into the total price. All of this is public information, recorded and available on the Town of North Kingstown web site.

If you have questions, there are answers.

If you have concerns, raise them.

All residents have time to gather facts before the November vote.

George M. Brennan

North Kingstown

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