Thank you, Stedman’s and ArtifactIntact.

My daughter, Erica Connolly, is the art teacher at Melrose Elementary School in Jamestown. Every year she does a huge art show to showcase the year’s work of all her students. This year her theme was “Art in Motion.” She wanted to build a Veloscope. Or, more like, she asked me to build one.

A Véloscope is a kinetic installation that transforms bicycle wheels into a zoetrope like machine. A stationary bicycle is attached to the installation through interconnected bike chains. A user can sit and pedal the bike to power the installation, making the wheels rotate. There are different patterns and shapes placed on the wheels and their rotation creates the illusion of motion by display of the sequence of drawings.

Since I had no idea how to build such a contraption, I went to Stedman’s in hope of some help. Instead of just advice, Jay Faria immediately offered to donate most of the wheels, the chains, and the sprockets. Over the course of several weeks, Jay accumulated enough old used bike parts for me to build the Veloscope. He also gave me a lesson on how to connect the chains using a master link – something I had never done before – but now I am a pro at it.

I then needed a way to connect the bike wheels to the frame that I built, using all of my eighth grade shop skills, and every tool in my workshop. So I asked my friend, Jon Litwin, from ArtifactIntact. Jon graciously made all of the metal brackets needed and they worked perfectly. Thanks Jon. I could not have done this without your help.

Thank you to Jay Faria and Jim Walsh at Stedman’s for your gracious generosity and support. It is wonderful to have community members eager to go the extra mile when support is needed.

The Veloscope worked great. The art students made the decorations for the wheels and it was a big hit at the art show.

Marc J. Ladin

West Kingston

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