Many, perhaps most, Democrats cannot accept that Donald Trump is the President of the United States. They point out that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote thanks to California. Some are calling for the abolition of the Electoral College.

They sometimes point to 2000 when George W. Bush lost the popular vote but won the Electoral College. Vice President Al Gore wanted to recount certain counties in Florida that the Democrats thought should have voted their way. Instead the entire state was recounted and the outcome finally decided by the Supreme Court.

Democrats, of course, called for the elimination of the College. However, if Gore had won Tennessee, which he described as his home state, the Florida vote would not have mattered.

Fast forward to 2004. President Bush won the popular vote but John Kerry and the Democrats wanted a recount in Ohio that would give him the edge in the Electoral College. Bush was leading in Ohio by over 118, 000 votes and despite the suspicious discovery of 1,100 ballots in the trunk of a car, he still carried the state and its 20 Electoral College votes and a second term in the White House.

Maybe Democrats should take a lesson from the election of 1960. Handsome, youthful Senator John F. Kennedy won the popular vote by a mere 112, 827 votes (0.17%) over former Vice President Richard Nixon who won the vote in more states.

Many Republicans wanted a recount due to indications of vote fraud especially in Democrat strongholds like Chicago and West Virginia. Nixon declined because, he said, a recount would be too divisive.

Richard J. August

North Kingstown

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