It’s somewhat perplexing that we, the taxpayers of Narragansett, are continuously being battered by these costly actions.

1) A “recall” one for elected officials that only have a 24-month tenure!....Really? By the time this would come about, it’ll be time for the next election! 2) Another one being done by a former Town Council president, no less, who actually had the “Golden Ticket” to buy the Gilbane building in “move in condition for a state-of-the-art library,” if she and that former TC had negotiated properly! Instead this one big faux pas has caused huge amounts of division throughout the town; plus the buildup of that Library surplus happened on her watch also. Is this some kind of a “back fit” petition to “save face”? 3) Changing the Charter re: real property sales? Really?

I voted for the bond, not the Gilbane building! Why is this building being shoved down our pockets? Who’s really benefiting in all this? Certainly not the taxpayers of Narragansett.

Brick and mortar places are becoming passé. Drones will soon be able to deliver that book and/or kindle. The internet is 24/7. We have a fine Community Center with ample parking for any meetings that need to be conducted. And for those who cannot make those meeting(s), they can utilize their computers, iPads, smartphones, etc. to attend.

One last question, it appears that the bond wasn’t utilized for the almost $3 million dollar “expedited” purchase of the Gilbane building. Where did the funds actually come from?

Is there something in the water or underground that’s affecting the thought processes in doing these frivolous and costly actions?

There are far more important issues that need to be addressed for our town.

Enough of the “fluff.” Let’s get some real work done and accomplished.

Carl Ehmann


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