What do most citizens do when a town council goes rogue? Usually, they just wait for the next election before taking any action. Well, that’s not the citizens of Narragansett. When three of the five Narragansett Town council members decided to defy the will of the people recently by deeply slashing the library budget and by disregarding the referendum to fund the acquisition of the old Belmont building by putting the building up for sale, the Narragansett citizens, in a quiet but determined legal protest, garnered enough signatures to put three critical items on the 2020 ballot, one of which calls for the recall of rogue council members.

These three people, led by council president Matthew Mannix, seem intent on either destroying our wonderful library or greatly diminishing its services and staff. But, it is now totally apparent, the town residents won’t stand for it. Besides the three referenda for 2020, the residents have banded together in creating the Love Your Library Coalition.

The Love Your Library coalition has been quite busy of late: putting up Love Your Library signs all over Narragansett, attending town hall meetings to show their discontent with what the group of three are trying to do to our library, meeting regularly to strategize on how we can save our library, and finally working with competent attorneys to protect the rights of our citizens.

The group trying to save our library has been called an angry mob by council president Matthew Mannix. They are anything but that. They are concerned citizens worried about their children’s future because  three of the town’s five-member council don’t seem to value a fine library. They are concerned citizens who value the great importance of a modern library that reaches out to and interacts with its members. They will not go away. There is too much at stake for themselves and their families.

Ted Di Stefano


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