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Delivery and subscriptions

Call 401-821-1818; please leave a detailed message.


Send a letter to the editor, or a story idea:; Direct line 401-360-2056

Send briefs and happenings to:

Arts & Living Editor:

William Geoghegan - Sports Editor; Direct line 401-360-2295

Ryan Blessing - News reporter

Michael Derr - Staff photographer

Classified Department, Accounting Department, Pre-Press Department

Direct line (401) 789-9744

Sales & Advertising

Carol Palmer
Advertising Consultant
Call or text: 401.440.2610

Steve Maciel
Advertising Consultant
Call or text: 401.368.1325

Display Ad Deadlines
Display advertising must be reserved by 3:00 p.m. the Friday before publication. If layout, photography or copy service is required, additional time may be needed to ensure these services. Special pages, sections or editions will be assigned specific deadlines.

Published. The Independent is published weekly on Thursday. 

Classified Deadlines
. Line classified ads accepted until 11 a.m. on Tuesday for Thursday edition. Classified display ads due by Monday at 11 am prior to publications date. Cancellations accepted up to the same time as new insertions.
Blind ad Box charge $10.00. Mailed replies $5.00 additional.

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