SCL-Spring 2019 Cover

Spring is nearly here (or it may have already sprung by the time you read these pages), and in our office that means our first issue of the year, and the return of the annual South County Life Photo Challenge. It’s probably the most enjoyable edition for our staff to put together. We get to see fresh new perspectives on the beauty of South County, captured through the lenses of the area’s extremely talented and creative amateur photographers.

This was our sixth year with the Photo Challenge, and once again we were thrilled by the quality and the range of the submissions. Our goal with the Photo Challenge is to inspire amateur photographers by sharing their work, and we hope you’ll agree that this year’s submissions are indeed inspirational.

Some of our favorite images this year were the ones that seem to tell their own story, like “A Painter’s Palette” by Gina Campbell, “Reflecting on a Job Well Done,” by Catherine Rodgers, and “Fishing Boat” by Lisa Dunham.

Others we liked because they showed particularly creative composition, such as “Cairn at Cronin” by Margi Centracchio, and “In for the Winter” by Thomas Crudale.

And still others caught our attention for their success at capturing the sheer gorgeousness of our South County landscape in all its multi-colored glory, like “Scarborough Sunrise,” by Dave DeMarco, “After a Storm,” by Bob Rush, and “Sunset at Galilee” by Pat Michaud.

Many, many thanks to everyone who submitted this year, and to our staff members Paul Spetrini, Abbie Lahmers and William Geoghegan, who helped curate the selections that were chosen for publication. Also, to our guest judge, local photographer David Zapatka, who selected the five top entries and graciously provided his expert commentary.

We hope you’ll also enjoy some of our feature stories in this month’s edition. In “A Warm Welcome,” Nancy Kirsch shares her hard-won knowledge on how to be a good host, useful for anyone who is expecting overnight guests during the upcoming beach season. For anyone looking to enjoy the outdoors while giving back to the community, Todd McLeish runs down a list of nature-oriented volunteer opportunities in “Citizen Science.”

Thanks for picking up this edition of South County Life, and let’s bring on the spring.

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