If you were once the kid who always wished summer camp would never end, a stroll around the property at 255 Rodman Street in South Kingstown might make you think it never did.

The two-bedroom old mill house is surrounded by lush greenery, appearing to passers-by like a cozy wooded refuge just ten minutes from Narragansett Beach. On rainy days when going to the beach isn’t an option, there’s no need to go far for entertainment – just take a few steps through the backyard to the home’s old barn-turned-cinema. A few more steps and you’ll be at the door of the second house on the property, a little one-bedroom bungalow.

“It just looks unlike anything else around town,” realtor Dave Binns said. “It’s an interesting little corner.”

The movie theater located on the second level of the barn can hold a dozen people in seats that once furnished the old Campus Cinema. Just outside the theater is a little deck with enough room to sit and relax, and on the ground level are an exercise room and workshop.

For history buffs, the main house has a lot to offer. It was originally built in the 1860’s when a lot of construction was being done in the area. “There’s a master bedroom and bath on the first floor, with a living room and a big family room,” Binns said. There are still some mill period details inside the home, too, according to Binns.

Though the main house has features that are over a century old, everything in the smaller house is new construction from around 20 years ago when it was built as a free-standing accessory apartment.

Within a few miles of the home are plenty of restaurants, stores and attractions to keep anyone occupied, including the scenic South County Bike Path.

The property offers tranquil seclusion to anyone who seeks it without straying too far from society.

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