October 20, 2013 | South Ferry Church, The Towers, Narragansett

Leah DiBussolo and Camron Newell are proof distance makes the heart grow fonder. The newlywed couple met in 2008, while the Pennsylvania-native bride was a student at the University of Rhode Island. Her then-roommate introduced her to Camron, a high school friend, and while they hit it off, he was deployed overseas for the U.S. Navy. The pair emailed for three months until he could make another visit to Rhode Island.

Four years and several visits to Rhode Island later, the Washington-native groom had completed his service and moved to Pennsylvania, where Leah was living, so they could be closer together. During a weekend trip to Narragansett, the couple walked along Scarborough Beach, as they had done many times before. When he ran ahead and began to write something in the sand, the unsuspecting Leah was perplexed. She caught up, and found the words “Will you marry me?” inscribed in the sand. Camron circled behind her, and when she turned around, he was on one knee, holding a ring. “I immediately said ‘Yes!’ and gave him a giant hug and kiss,” the bride says.

Given the couple’s history, Narragansett was the perfect place for their wedding. “Being that we officially met there and got engaged there, it just seemed fitting,” the bride says. They planned a fall wedding at South Ferry Church, which had the “quaint New England feel we both love,” and a reception following at The Towers in Narragansett. The bride describes the reception venue as “beautiful inside and out” and was truly captivated by the breathtaking view from the upstairs ballroom. “We wanted all of our family and friends to experience the beautiful scenery of Rhode Island that we so dearly love,” Leah says.

The couple chose a navy and pink color scheme to complement the white church as well as The Towers’ rustic interior. Tight bouquets of light pink flowers hung from strands of navy ribbon on the white pews. The bridesmaids made their way down the aisle with smaller bouquets of pink garden roses, and a blush pink rose decorated the lapel of each groomsman’s suit.

At the reception, sphere-shaped bouquets of blush pink roses with navy ribbon tightly woven within them stood in a mercury glass stand on each table. Blue uplights around the room accented the white and stone pillars. The cake perfectly coincided with the couple’s theme, decorated in an embossed pattern with diamonds and topped with a rhinestone cursive ‘N’. Guest favors included lobster gummies presented in a silver pillow box with navy blue ribbon and a circular “Thank you” label.

The couple’s most cherished wedding memory? Spending the day with each other and loved ones. “We were especially happy when all of our guests ventured to the dance floor at the reception and stayed there the entire night,” says the bride.

The couple honeymooned in Mexico, and make their home in Pennsylvania. Advice from the newlyweds? The bride says, “Embrace the beauty of Rhode Island. Being from out of state, we realize how beautiful Rhode Island truly is and that beauty is not found everywhere.”

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