October 8, 2016 | St. Thomas More

Lisajean Lugue and Forrester Safford share a love of exploring and the outdoors. So for her birthday in October two years ago, she and Forrester visited a labyrinth in Brookside Gardens in her native Maryland. They set off to race one another to the end of the maze, but Forrester cut to the finish line and met Lisajean on bended knee with a proposal.

Rhode Island would host the festive nuptials, since Forrester is a native of Charlestown. Lisajean fell in love with the state’s charming surroundings, and the two agreed the Ocean State “would be a great place to combine our family and friends.” “It’s a unique place that you’ll always remember,” the couple says. “Nothing compares.”

Forrester’s friendship with the Rev. Marcel Taillon of St. Thomas More Church in Narragansett was the driving force in the couple's choice to share vows there – Forrester was a student at Bishop Hendricken High School, where the reverend serves as chaplain.

The Safford family home in Charlestown hosted the reception, where Forrester's black suit complemented Lisajean's "demure and timeless" A-line gown with a V-neck and chapel train, "with a bit of sparkle." "Just enough to catch the eye, but not to overwhelm me,” she says. “It matched my personality.”

Their character also shined in the decor, with "Game Of Thrones"-inspired gnomes, floral centerpieces and tiny potted plants, which were given to guests. Filipino and American/Celtic themes were blended into the ceremony details, to represent the couple's heritage.

“What we will remember the most of that whirlwind of a day was how happy we were, and how thankful we were that we had those we love and admire there to celebrate our special day with us,” the couple says.

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