Without a doubt, we live in a data driven society. The world of sports is now broken down into the finest of details. A coach is able to analyze results from every imaginable perspective. Did plays have more success going to the left or right? Were we more effective throwing or running? Which player combinations had the highest winning percentage? And so on and so on. Not to be outdone, we present South County Barry Analytics, based on the past school year along with a few other notable contributions just for good measure.

Two Yes, One No: So, how often did the Kingstown teams reign victorious when competing in interscholastic competition? For the South Kingstown Rebels and North Kingstown Skippers, that would be two out of every three contests. Impressive! Sort of interesting? Perhaps, but we knew both schools had a history of sports success. Why would this past school year be any different? What else?

Let ‘em Go: Taking it one step further, when the Skippers and Rebels are allowed to stretch their legs and maybe toss a weight or two, their success was still higher. How high? Ninety percent of meets won by North and seventy five percent for South. Just wind them up and let them go. Well, we have seen these two schools excel in track and cross country for quite some time. Interesting, but tell me something I didn’t know.

Rebel Title: Let’s throw a championship into the discussion. Softball is such a fun game to watch. The speed of the game. The reflexes required on a small diamond. The power of the pitchers. Combine that with an emerging program and a talented group of young ladies and the result is South Kingstown’s first fast-pitch title in school history. The ladies seemed to genuinely enjoy playing together. Combine that with a diversity of talent and you have the recipe for a championship. Congratulations, girls!

County Wide Web: Ok. There is no way you could have been predicted which South County team had the highest percentage of wins with a net involved in the sport. Could you? If you guessed Narragansett High School, you would be correct. They won two of every three contests when aiming for, hitting over, or shooting through, a net. They had some dominant performances, led by the girls’ soccer team who finished 16-0, along with the boys’ basketball and lacrosse teams. Tell the truth. You have wondered who performed best around the webbing. Now you have your answer. This is getting better. Right?

So, So Close: Well, the Mariners boy’s lacrosse team would tell you it could have been far better if the state finals had realized a slightly different outcome. The boys bowed to Westerly 8-7 in the title match, but it was a classic, with no team having more than a two goal lead throughout the contest. Unfortunately, one team has to lose and in this case it was Narragansett, but you should be proud, boys! A great year and an outstanding showing.

In to Win: There was only one undefeated unit playing their games indoors. You were wondering. Were you not? If you guessed the Skippers girls’ volleyball team, you would be absolutely correct. Back to back years of dominance and state titles for this North Kingstown group. These Skippers found it best to be in to win. A job well done, ladies!

Keeping at it: There is so much to be said for perseverance. For the fourth time in five years, Prout’s baseball team got within a win of playing in the state semifinals at McCoy Stadium. While surely disappointed, take comfort boys, as your larger resume is highly impressive and warrants congratulations and respect. Keep at it and way to go!

Ready. Set. Crash: Let’s enter into the world of the truly obscure. Which school had the highest win percentage when wearing some type of head gear? Did you guess Prout? Almost! The Crusaders were edged out by Narragansett in this category. Does it have something to do with nearby crashing ocean waves? Probably not. But, sort of a fun fact.

So, you are wanting an encore, are you? Ok. I thought this would be fun. Let’s try this. In which sports season did each school most excel? For the Rebels and Crusaders, they saved the best for last, prospering most in spring. What about the Skippers? Did I hear fall? Correct. And one at the buzzer. The Mariners? You got it. Fall as well. Interestingly, with all the winter victories, it was no school’s most successful season.

Congrats to all our local teams and athletes for the year gone by. We look forward to doing it all over again before too long. Until then, enjoy the summer warmth, relax at the beach, and get prepared for the next wave of Barry Analytics.

Bill Barry is a North Kingstown resident. He writes about the local sports scene, sports parenting and more in a regular column.

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