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It can be intriguing when someone dives into a creative medium they’re fascinated by but also unfamiliar with. What’s made from this endeavor can sometimes be unique while standing out from the basic techniques and formulas. With her debut album Tides, Mystic, Connecticut singer-songwriter Emmye Vernet put her own ideas into the musical entity. The album isn’t your typical listening experience, it’s meant to be more engaging, interactive and personal. On Sept. 17 at 8 p.m., Vernet will be celebrating the release of her debut at The Knickerbocker Music Center on 35 Railroad Ave. in Westerly.

We recently had a talk about the making of the album in a barn, getting a bunch of collaborators together, defying some norms and what people can expect from the upcoming show.

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This year’s season showed that the resilient barn theater — known as Theatre By The Sea in Matunuck — can survive nearly anything, proclaimed owner Bill Hanney as the curtain came down on the last act of curtailed production schedule.

“This year we survived it all. We’re still here and it has built on us coming back next year stronger than ever and with a full schedule of what people expect,” he told The Independent this week.

The theater’s season ended Sunday with a nearly sold-out house for the award-winning “Mamma Mia!” and in overtime through an unscheduled additional performance of the American jukebox musical romantic comedy.

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If you are a parent or grandparent to teenagers, chances are you think the pandemic has them safely secluded at home — having inoculated them, you might say, from sexual encounters.  But that might be wishful thinking.

It’s been said “It’s hard to prepare teenagers for life when they already know everything.”  But even if they do have all knowledge at their fingertips, their bodies are way ahead of their brains.