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Rhode Island rock band Guess Method will join local mainstays Jabbawaukee, Slurp, the Cosmic Factory and the Phil Adams Group for a special outdoor performance at Pump House Music Works in Wakefield Saturday afternoon.

Halloween is gonna be weird this year. This could be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you handle it in the era of COVID-19. You could be avoiding trick or treaters all together in the comfort of your own home, or perhaps you’re celebrating it in socially-distanced fashion by shooting candy through a 6 foot-long tube contraption into the kids’ hands. Now what about for the people who want to go out and party, but in a safe way? One thing to consider is a stacked show happening at Pump House Music Works on 1464 Kingstown Road in Wakefield at 1 p.m. The lineup is funky & groovy, with local acts Jabbawaukee, Guess Method, Slurp, The Cosmic Factory and The Phil Adams Group taking the stage on the venue’s front lawn.

I talked with guitarist & vocalist Christian Cerrone, guitarist Miles Duhamel and bassist Matt Fuller from Guess Method ahead of the show about live streaming, doing a promo video to support Pump House Music Works, experimenting with their sound and plans for the upcoming gig.

Rob Duguay: A few weeks after the COVID-19 shutdown happened back in March, Miles did a live stream while wearing a spacesuit and some funky glasses. So Miles, where can one buy that kind of spacesuit if they needed a last minute Halloween costume?

Miles Duhamel: I got extremely lucky at Savers. I have no idea if they carry those suits consistently, but there was a hole in it and no tag and I brought it up to the register on a busy day last October and asked about it. They opened up their barcode book and couldn’t really find it, so she was nice enough to scan a $25 barcode and, boom, it’s the best costume I’ve ever gotten. I’ve also noticed that Joe Rogan wears the same one in an episode of his podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, with Duncan Trussell, I think.

RD: That’s a fantastic story. It can be wonderful what you’ll sometimes find at a thrift store.

MD: Definitely.

RD: Speaking of live streaming, what do either of you think of it becoming a big trend among musicians and bands this year?

Matt Fuller: While it may be different than actual live music, it has been an effective way to keep listeners engaged with an in-the-moment type of live music experience and has provided a source of revenue for many artists.

RD: In an effort to be allowed and have the means to put on outdoor, socially distanced shows into the winter, Pump House Music Works put out a petition with over 1,000 signatures to submit to the South Kingstown town council as part of their most recent meeting on Oct. 26. In support of this, Christian made a video influenced by the FX hit sitcom It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia while acting out the characters of the show to support the venue. How did you come up with the idea for this, Christian, and was it difficult doing it with all of the camera angles?

Christian Cerrone: I filmed Matt in the morning regarding the petition and posted it on our Instagram story. After that our friend texted us “Guess Method Saves The Pump House” in the classic “It’s Always Sunny” title font. Less than two hours later we had our final product. With Matt being as camera savvy as he is, he had no issue capturing my good side.

RD: I thought it was wicked clever.

CC: Thanks.

RD: No problem. Have you guys found any time to work on any new music this year?

CC: We have recently been piecing together quite a few new ideas and experimenting with our sound. When the pandemic hit we invested in recording equipment to set up a home studio. There’s a heavy learning curve with recording ourselves, but it also allows us more freedom to get it exactly how we want it.

RD: Does Guess Method have anything special planned for this upcoming show on Halloween?

MD: We’re really excited to dress up with everybody and to showcase some brand new sounds. We would also like to extend our continuous gratitude to Pump House Music Works for being a staple in our community and a safe outlet for countless musicians and attendees in these trying times.

Rob Duguay is a Rhode Island-based music writer. Send him email at rob.c.duguay@gmail.com.

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