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Wickford Art Association is currently hosting its annual Invitational Exhibit for ten of its Juried Artist Members in their preferred mediums. This year’s list of artists featured includes pastel artists Denise Boisvert and Nancy Curry, photographers Gina Campbell and Avis O’Neill, watercolorists Victoria Corey and Patricia Varon, acrylic painter Andrea Beall, mixed media artist Laura White Carpenter, oil painter Betsey MacDonald and printmaker Felicia Touhey.Pictured above is an acrylic painting titled “Newport Bridge in the Morning Fog” by Victoria Corey.

NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — For the second year in a row, the Juried Artist Member (JAM) All-Media Invitational is back at the Wickford Art Association gallery through May 23, featuring pieces from 10 different member artists in a variety of their preferred mediums.

“Each year, the Wickford Art Association seeks to provide special opportunities that feature our Juried Artist Members as they go through a process that elevates them to this membership level by demonstrating expertise in a specified area of visual art,” WAA Gallery Director Catherine Gagnon said.

The exhibit opened last Friday and features works from acrylic painter Andrea Beall, pastel artist Denise Boisvert, photographer Gina Campbell, mixed media artist Laura White Carpenter, acrylic painter Victoria Cory, pastel artist Nancy Curry, oil painter Betsey MacDonald, photographer Avis O’Neill, printmaker Felicia Touhey and watercolorist Patricia Varon.

With the expansions made to the gallery this year, the number of artists featured in the show was able to increase to 10, according to Gagnon.

“With our gallery’s increased capacity due to recent renovations to display areas funded through The Champlin Foundation, we were able to make the Invitational available to a larger field of artists,” Gagnon said.

The show is an opportunity for juried artist members in good standing to display their finest works and talents within their respective media, and they were accepted into the show without having to work toward a theme. Artists were chosen from the pool of members and invited to participate.

“We selected the artists at random among our over 120 current juried artist members,” Gagnon said. “All participants are presenting recent work created in the last three years and, while a few pieces have been shown in exhibits at Wickford and other area galleries, the majority are new works with their debut viewing.”

Gagnon said she was impressed with the array of works from the chosen artists, and believes those looking to purchase a piece will be as well.

“I think this collection of work is terrific — many different styles and techniques are represented,” Gagnon said. “For those seeking artwork to improve home or office aesthetics and for those that simply wish to view a lovely complement of pieces, there is literally something for everyone at this particular exhibit.”

Overall, Gagnon believes the body of work represents the talent and creativity of the artist members of the Wickford Art Association, the wide variety of ways in which they express it and through which media and genre they choose to do so — something she says the gallery is more than happy to do.

“It is a pleasure for the Wickford Art Association to feature a collection of work from some of our most accomplished members,” Gagnon said. “For viewers and visitors to the gallery, these are works that are contemporary, realistic, impressionist, abstract and more.”

The JAM All Media Invitational is on display at the WAA’s gallery at 36 Beach Street during gallery hours of noon to 4 p.m. on Wednesdays through Saturdays and noon to 3 p.m. on Sundays. 

The next exhibit will be Re-Composed Classics, which will task artists with re-imagining classic works through other mediums. The exhibit will debut June 11 and run through July 11. 

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