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Narragansett’s Groove Axiom will perform at the Pump House Music Works in Wakefield on Dec. 28.

The dynamics that come with the power trio is like eating a delicious cheese pizza. Much like a cheese pizza, the ingredients of a power trio are fairly basic with it consisting of a drummer, guitarist and bassist. What makes the dynamics shine is the quality of those ingredients coming together to make something truly magnificent. Groove Axiom from Narragansett have a ton of funky jams that make people want to dance. Ben Wise, Ray DeFalco and Matt Lima have different talents but when they perform it gives a fun vibe to any atmosphere.

They have a show coming up at Pump House Music Works in Wakefield on Dec. 28 with fellow South County funk jammers Jabbawaukee. Wise and I had a talk about how the band started, doing sound versus performing live and his opinions on the music coming out of the area.

Rob Duguay: How did Groove Axiom start out? Were you guys in different bands before joining this one?

Ben Wise: Me and Ray [DeFalco] started hanging out together in high school and we started jamming. We had a few bands before Groove Axiom started and we actually met Matt [Lima] through Craigslist when we posted an ad on there and he ended up living down the street from us. We jammed with him one time and we’ve been going ever since then.

RD: That’s a bit serendipitous how Matt was just living down the street from you guys when you were looking for a drummer.

BW: Yeah, totally.

RD: You’ve also done sound at the old Wheel House and more recently at Pump House Music Works. Do you find that working from that side of things gives you a better perspective when you’re playing live?

BW: I think so. It definitely helps to know the dynamic between the sound guy and the band while knowing what to ask for. It helps to tweak it more accurately and know what you need a little bit more. It’s an asset to know both sides of the spectrum because it makes for a better show in my opinion.

RD: I totally get what you mean. South County over the past couple of years has had a ton of bands coming out of the area. There’s you guys, Toad & The Stooligans, Wax On, Grizzlies and People Eating Plastic just to name a few. What’s your opinion on the music that’s coming out of this area of Rhode Island?

BW: I think it’s awesome. It’s also a bit overlooked too, all over the state there are great musicians but in South County there are so many in such a tiny region. There’s a lot of good music and there’s a different feel than the Providence scene but they also complement each other well. For how small the area is and how many talented musicians there are, it’s a cool place to be.

RD: You hit it right on the head with how there are so many great musicians in a small place like South County. Other than the show on the 28th, what are you doing for Christmas and New Year’s Eve? Have you gotten your shopping done yet?

BW: I just got a bunch of Christmas shopping done the other day, so I got that out of the way. I plan on spending time with family and friends. I’ll probably be partying somewhere when the ball drops too.

Rob Duguay is a Rhode Island-based music writer. Send him email at rob.c.duguay@gmail.com.

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