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Rock band Guess Method has quickly grown a following around South County. The band will perform tomorrow night at Proof Prohibition Style Pub in Narragansett.

Ever since starting around a year ago on the campus of the University of Rhode Island in Kingston, Guess Method has been taking over South County with their groovy brand of rock. Guitarists Miles Duhamel and Christian Cerrone, bassist Matt Fuller and drummer Chris Grady know how to put on a party wherever they perform while Cerrone lends his vocal talents to the mic. This infectious vibe they convey through their music has made them a must-see live act around these parts. It’s also the kind of music that’s going to give a dancing sensation. People will get a chance to get down with all of this at their Halloween Bash happening at Proof Prohibition Style Pub in Narragansett on Friday.

I had a chat with the band about crazy costumes, favorite kinds of candy, a major influence on the band and a new record in the works.

Rob Duguay: With this Friday’s show having a Halloween theme, it’s only appropriate to talk about costumes. What’s the craziest costume either you’ve worn or you’ve seen someone else wear?

Chris Grady: We’ve actually put a lot of time into our costumes for the show, we’re definitely going to look super ridiculous and we can’t wait. We’ve seen some crazy ones, there was a kid covered in about 40 balloons at a party once and it was either extremely difficult or unnecessarily loud when trying to move around them.

Matt Fuller: I once went to a house show wearing a sheet with two eye holes cut out, which is a timeless classic. I ended up in a mosh pit and the second the sheet got pulled to the side the slightest bit I was totally blinded and falling all over the place. It was a great show.

RD: What’s your favorite candy on Halloween?

Christian Cerrone: Chris has the diet of a seven year old so he’ll eat any candy his mom will let him have. Matt is usually out of luck unless the neighbors are giving out tree bark or lawn clippings. He’s a vegan so I’m pretty sure candy is like against his religion or something.

RD: Guess Method has a rock sound with elements of jazz and funk. What do consider to be the band’s main influences?

MF: We play dance music so our influences are all over the place. We really love the funk band Vulfpeck and we’re definitely heavily influenced by them. We love that tight sound, however we also really love the freedom of improvisation and taking some risks.

RD: You guys have played Proof a lot this year. What are some of your favorite things about the place?

Miles Duhamel: Proof has been great for us and the gains have really been mutual. They helped us establish ourselves and we helped establish them as a music venue, it’s an intimate spot with a great sound. We’ve brought many bands down from Providence, Boston, and Connecticut. Proof has also become a stop for quite a few nationally touring bands too, which we’ve had the pleasure of playing with thanks to the close relationship we’ve formed with the management. It’s been a lot of fun there.

RD: Guess Method doesn’t have any official recordings out as of yet, so when is that going to change? Can we expect an album or EP soon?

MF: We will be releasing our first single “Think On It” sometime in November, along with a live video of the recording. We have a few other songs already recorded and the first EP will be dropping soon. We’ve recently been writing a good amount and we want to get in the studio one more time to finish this thing up. We’re also excited to play some of the new ones this Friday.

Rob Duguay is a Rhode Island-based music writer. Send him email at rob.c.duguay@gmail.com.

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