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NARRAGANSETT, R.I. — Under a bright sky at Scarborough State Beach, town and state officials Tuesday kicked off the Solarize RI Narragansett campaign, which seeks to increase the adoption of small-scale solar energy systems through participation in a competitive tiered-pricing structure that increases savings as more businesses and homeowners sign on.

Carol Grant, commissioner of the Rhode Island Office of Energy Resources, said since Solarize RI began, 650 solar contracts have been signed in 17 different municipalities, including South Kingstown.

“We are on a roll, and we are excited to continue it,” she said.

Jesse Saglio, president of the Rhode Island Commerce Corp., praised Narragansett for joining the Solarize program.

“This is important to our economy. This is jobs growth, this is a critical component to our overall economic development,” he said. “Renewable [energy] adoption and spreading the word and benefits of going solar through this local engagement is really, I think, the key to making this happen for us all.”

As solar technology becomes more widespread, Saglio said, its economic benefits grow. He said renewable energy has created thousands of jobs in the state and helped foster “economic growth and greater prosperity for Rhode Islanders.”

Town Council President Susan Cicilline Buonanno said the town looks forward to the opportunity of working with Solarize RI to bring more solar energy into Narragansett.

“We worked on the [efficiency-based] Rhode Island Energy Challenge last year. It was a great opportunity for the families, and so we look forward to this partnership,” she said. “We look forward to the work and having the ambassadors work with us and the whole team to bring this to Narragansett.”

For more information on Solarize RI, visit solarizeri.com.


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