Jeffrey J. Bouchard

In 1986, Jeff entered this world as a unique and special spirit, with many fine gifts including endearing looks, charisma, an extraordinary sensitive and kind nature, intelligence, awareness, athletic ability and artistic talents. Beginning as a small child, people were drawn to and touched by him, and would feel good just to know him, especially those who had an opportunity to help nurture his growth in some way. Surprisingly, after many years, some who knew him even briefly would tell how keenly they remember him and the aura of his nature. And amazingly, Jeff always remained unaffected, with his ego never inflated or swayed by attention or praise. To himself, he was simply who he was, never fully appreciating the remarkable things others were seeing in him.

Jeff attended School One, receiving the Head of School award in his graduating class, received his BA in Jungian psychology at Marlboro College, and recently enrolled at URI to pursue a BFA degree, committed to fully immersing himself in a life of art that he loved.

Sharing himself and affecting others through his art was one of his deepest desires. A gifted artist from childhood, he delved into myriad art mediums. He excelled in local children’s theatre. Script writing and filmmaking at an early age, he rallied and inspired his school friends. His talent in the visual arts stunned and delighted all who viewed it, and his unique humor and thoughts shone through in Jeff’s animations, drawings and sculptures. Jeffrey’s gentle hand created the most exquisite works of art. Articles of his tender soul were scrupulously guided onto his chosen medium.

A benevolent, sensitive soul, Jeffrey loved with extraordinary depth and boundless loyalty. Jeff was fortunate to have experienced and returned love in many forms, beginning with his parents and family, his friends, in close connections and relationships, and one special love that he cried about recently, missing her long after she passed away far too young.

Strongly affected by the events of our world, Jeff strove to generate change. Whether it be through the feeding of wild songbirds, which he so enjoyed, or standing strong against political and social injustice, Jeff was passionate and an ardent persuader. It was very clear from a very young age that there were strong, intuitive drives in Jeff to stand up for what he believed and felt was right that far outweighed any risks of peer pressure or personal sacrifice.

This world can be very hard on those who are sensitive and feel very deeply, no matter how strong they may be in other ways. After becoming very ill as a young teenager, Jeff worked and fought hard recovering from that profoundly affecting experience, enduring more pain and distress than should ever be asked of anyone, and the amazing strength of spirit and will he maintained to do so was as extraordinary as his other gifts.

Through it all, Jeff continued to explore and challenge himself through art, studying yoga and jiu-jitsu, enjoying nature and his pets, and trying to see beyond everyday perspectives to understand the world as it was, and envisioning one that might be a more understanding and peaceful place.

He is survived by his mother, Nancy Bouchard Wilde of South Kingstown, RI, his father Brian G. Bouchard of Saunderstown, RI, his paternal grandmother, Jean A. Bouchard of Warwick, RI, and his multitudes of adoring aunts, uncles and cousins.

Jeffrey James Bouchard. A celebration of all the light that shines. Heaven’s finest art, an eternal gift of generosity and grace.

A personal essay that Jeff recently wrote that reflects some of who he was in his own words is available on his Facebook page and this link: For guest book and condolences,

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