Troy West

Troy West died peacefully while in hospice care at his 300-year-old homestead on the 12th of July.

Troy is survived by his wife, Claudia Flynn, his sons, Troy Eric and Anker Carl, daughter-in-law Ada Caro, and granddaughters Natalia Inez and Rizel Marie, and his Australia-based extended family. He was son to the late Troy West and Inez Schapper of South Carolina.

He grew up in Pittsburgh, attended Carnegie Mellon University and earned bachelors and masters degrees in Architecture. He launched a career focusing on affordable housing, artists housing, and land stewardship.

As professor emeritus and one of the founding faculty members of the School of Architecture at the New Jersey Institute of Technology, he maintained life-long connections with students and colleagues. He was a generous supporter of environmental causes and a fervent advocate for nature. Troy worked to elevate appreciation for art, architecture and equality.

Troy carried a mad love for life and an inherent spirit of adventure for travel. He marveled at the world and shared his enthusiasm for global travel with his family.

His farmhouse in southern Rhode Island allowed for proximity to the ocean, where Troy would often ride his bicycle, take a long run, then a morning swim.

Keeping in mind, Charles Bukowski words, “you can’t beat death, but you can defeat death in life.” Troy was for a good 87 years, wholly victorious! A memorial service will be announced when details are determined. Contributions may be made in Troy’s memory to the Voluntown Peace Trust, a center for nonviolent social change and sustainable living.

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