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SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — An expert on military history is leading a series of winter programs coming to the South Kingstown Public Library that delve into the Revolutionary War.

Stanley Carpenter will explore the famous names, places, stories and events of the War for Independence in his four-part Zoom series, which starts today and is free.

In 2014, Carpenter presented a similar multi-part series at the Kingston Free Library about World War II, librarian Britta Obertello said. He gives lectures at libraries around the state several times per year.

“He always brings in a big crowd. We wanted to keep it going this year and he was open to doing the lecture on Zoom,”  Obertello said. “Every year he focuses on a different time period and war.”

These include talks on World Wars I and II in Europe, a series on the Second World War in the Pacific, and more.

Participants who sign up for “The American Revolution: Causes and Context, 1763-1775” will hear about events that led to the outbreak of the Revolution, including the various parliamentary revenue acts, the rise of political and economic opposition to Crown rule, and role of early revolutionaries such as Samuel Adams and Paul Revere.

The series then continues Jan. 28 with “The Great Riot, 1775-1776,” covering the outbreak of armed insurrection in Boston with the events at Lexington Green, Concord, the Battle of Bunker Hill, and the Patriot siege of Boston that culminated in the British evacuation of Boston. The lecture addresses the role of George Washington and the creation of the Continental Army.

The final two lectures in the series will take place Feb. 4 and Feb. 18.

Carpenter often sprinkles his talks with historical anecdotes related to the subject matter. He also incorporates photo slides using Microsoft PowerPoint in his presentations so people get the visual to go along with the story. Often, attendees will bring historical artifacts to share with him.

Carpenter has taught courses in air and land warfare, military history, the American Revolution and European history at an array of colleges and universities. They include Salve Regina, Hawaii Pacific University, Norwich University and the U.S. Naval War College in Newport, where he served as professor of strategy and policy and directed the Homeland Security and Homeland Defense elective program. He is a professor emeritus at the Naval War College.

A published author, his works include a study of military leadership in the British civil wars and action-adventure historical novels centered on a Royal Naval intelligence officer. Carpenter served as a U.S. Naval officer from 1979-2009, retiring with the rank of captain.

Carpenter is also an internationally recognized expert on the British Civil Wars, and has provided commentary for several programs on the History Channel.  

The South Kingstown Library programs begin at 6 p.m. and last about 90 minutes, including a Q&A period. To register, email librarian Britta Obertello at  bobertello@skpl.org.

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