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This week, the Narragansett Town Council approved a plan to give The Towers more than $74,000 for safety and cosmetic improvements to the historic building’s entrances and exits.

NARRAGANSETT, R.I. — The Towers are slated to receive more than $74,000 in safety and cosmetic improvements to the historic building’s entrances and exits after the Narragansett Town Council unanimously approved the work at its Tuesday meeting.

The work will include protection of the balcony doors during severe weather, installation of more handrails, improved lighting, finished floors, walls and ceilings in the east tower’s stairway and a new ceiling and lighting in the west tower’s first floor lobby.

The Towers Committee identified and approved the areas where work needs to be done at its Jan. 28 meeting and the town has contracted with Abcore Restoration Company, Inc. to complete it.

According to the three-year Towers Management & Operations Plan, the Towers Committee must receive Town Council approval for all major capital improvement work.

Also, the council had to waive a policy that capped the contracted work at $50,000 in value.

Abcore, a local company, is currently under contract with the town for building renovation, restoration and reconstruction services. The company and the town last fall agreed to a one-year extension of Abcore’s conract, which is valid until May 20.

Abcore gave the town a $74,280 estimate for the exit enhancement work in December.

In 2017, the town celebrated a nearly 20-year project to restore The Towers, arguably Narragansett’s most iconic structure.

The restoration began in 2000 with the cupola. Next came the installation of 104 mahogany windows. Stone columns between the windows came in 2005, as well as third floor renovations.

A gusseted mahogany balcony was completed in 2006. In 2017 the renovation of the joints between the stone took about three weeks.

A 7,000-square-foot space adjacent to The Towers changed from a grassy area to the Casino Courtyard in 2008, and it received the 2016 “Outstanding Public Space” award from the Rhode Island Chapter of the American Planning Association.

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