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Kunniga Rittipa, owner of The Boss 1 Thai restaurant in Wakefield, poses for a photo inside the establishment, which opened back in October.

WAKEFIELD, R.I. – In the mood for some authentic Thai cuisine? The Boss can help.

Open daily except Tuesdays, the small Thai restaurant tucked into a spot at 682 Kingstown Road, next door to A&B Appliance, opened its doors earlier this year.

Owner Kunniga Rittipa said as word about the new restaurant gets out, more diners are stopping in to give it a try.

“It’s picking up,” she said.

The first Boss restaurant opened in 2016 in Bellingham, Mass. Coming to South Kingstown, which has two other Thai restaurants on Main Street, was not a coincidence. Actually, it was like coming full circle.

Rittipa has more than 10 years of experience running restaurants, starting when her mother-in-law opened a Thai restaurant in Wakefield after coming to the United States, Rittipa said. A sister location also opened in Coventry.

After her mother-in-law’s death several years ago, Rittipa and her husband sold the restaurant and moved to Woonsocket and opened a restaurant in nearby Bellingham, Mass., which they operated for a year before opening a location in Barrington.

But, Rittipa said, faithful patrons of that first restaurant in Wakefield would come visit in Barrington and implore her to return.

“They said, ‘Come back here again,’” she said.

The website promises “Cooking from the heart,” and the menu covers a wide range of authentic Thai dishes, such as crispy shrimp himmapan and boneless duck in Thai tamarind sauce. The menu also includes vegan and gluten-free options. Visitors also can select foods at four levels of spiciness, ranging from “spicy” to “very very very spicy.”

There’s also appetizers and side dishes such as chicken wings, soup, friend wonton, rice and noodles.

“People always say the wings are good,” Rittipa said.

The restaurant offers dine-in, takeout, delivery and catering as well.

Its unusual name is a humorous take on an incident from when Rittipa and her husband were opening the Bellingham, Mass., location in 2016. A friend kept pestering them, asking for the name of the new establishment.

“Then my husband walked in and said, ‘You’ve got to do this, you’ve got to do that,’” she said with a chuckle. “He was kind of bossy. And then my friend said, ‘Maybe The Boss.’”

Rittipa said that The Boss plans to expand further, with another location possibly opening in the Seekonk area, closer to her Barrington home.

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