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SOUTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — A Tiverton man convicted of sexually molesting a girl in South Kingstown will serve 30 years in prison, the state’s attorney general announced Thursday.

Myles Stevenson, 41, pleaded nolo contendere to six counts of first-degree child molestation in connection with multiple assaults that happened between 2012 and 2018, the office of Attorney General Peter F. Neronha said.

At a hearing in Washington County Superior Court before Superior Court Justice Melanie Wilk Thunberg, the court sentenced Stevenson to 50 years at the at the Adult Correctional Institutions in Cranston, with 30 years to serve and the balance of the sentence suspended with probation.

Stevenson was ordered by the court to register as a sex offender, complete sex offender counseling, and is subject to community supervision. The court also issued a no contact order between Stevenson and his victim.

“Unfortunately, prosecutions like this one – where a ‘trusted’ adult sexually exploits a minor child – happen far too frequently in Rhode Island,” Neronha said. “There can be no doubt that such criminal conduct causes irreparable harm to victims, and their families.”

Had the case proceeded to trial, Neronha’s office said the state was prepared to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that between 2012 and 2018, Stevenson molested a female victim under the age of 14, who was known to him, multiple times at a home in South Kingstown.

“Thirty years in prison is a long time, and in this case, given the defendant’s reprehensible conduct, every day of that long sentence is entirely deserved,” Neronha said. “I have great admiration for the victim, for her strength in coming forward and her willingness to see this case through to the end. I am grateful to the South Kingston Police Department for their partnership in the investigation and prosecution of this significant case.”

Assistant Attorney General Mark Trovato and Detectives Jenn Natale and Josh Eidam of the South Kingstown Police Department led the investigation and prosecution of the case

South Kingstown Police Chief Joel Ewing-Chow commended the investigative team, “for bringing justice to the victim for the horrific crimes perpetrated against her.”

South Kingstown police arrested Stevenson in October of 2018.

“When heinous crimes against children are reported to the police, it resonates with investigators more than most other crimes,” Chief Ewing-Chow said. “I want to commend the victim for having the courage to come forward and report these horrific acts, enabling the police to get this particular defendant off the streets.”

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