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NORTH KINGSTOWN, R.I. — Angry parents confronted the North Kingstown School Committee on Tuesday over a new set of allegations regarding improper contact between students and district employees.

“You knew about it all and you did nothing,” said Tiffany MacLeod.

“I think you need to be more open and honest,” said another speaker.

Committee President Greg Blasbalg called the situation “challenging” and made a statement regarding the currently ongoing investigations as well as new allegations during the school committee meeting on Tuesday.

With the district already embroiled in numerous investigations into former high school basketball coach Aaron Thomas, new allegations arose in recent weeks that an unnamed Davisville middle school coach has been accused of “stalking” and being “inappropriately fixated” on a child.

“As we reported last week we have three new allegations against school department employees and as a result three employees have been placed on administrative leave,” Blasbalg said.

He said that the school committee is fully complying with the RI attorney general and US attorney’s office while their investigations are ongoing.

Interim Superintendent Mike Waterman gave a presentation with Athletic Director Chris Cobain about the current state of the school department’s athletics department. Waterman proposed that the school department continue having an athletic director while adding an assistant director and merging that position with an athletic trainer.

“What that will do is have an athletic administrator embedded with our teams,” Waterman said. “This assistant athletic director would oversee equipment and its distribution as well as the registration of student athletes and a lot of times the medical documentation that comes forward as part of that registration process.”

Waterman went on to say that this would release the athletic director to be released from the burdens of those duties while allowing them to be more involved with the day to day business of being present at athletic competitions, meeting people and being visible. Currently, according to Waterman, the athletic director processes payroll, purchases and spends a great deal of time making phone calls as the result of inclement weather. The new position would provide clerical staff to help with these duties.

In other district news, playground improvements will be coming to the Forest Park playground thanks to the work of the Forest Park PTO and the funds they raised to help pay for the improvements.

“We really want to thank the Forest Park PTO for all of their hard work because it takes a long time to raise funds like this,” said Chief Operating Officer Mary King. “It’s astounding to me how much playground equipment costs. So thank you very much Forest PTO parents and staff for raising those funds.

Waterman, who has been in the position since Former Superintendent Phil Auger resigned in the wake of these allegations, also recommended the appointment of an interim assistant superintendent. Former Assistant Superintendent Denise Mancieri retired abruptly shortly after Auger’s resignation.

Waterman recommended Kathy Sipala to the position starting July 1. Sipala, who formerly was superintendent of the Narragansett school district, was unanimously appointed by the committee.

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