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NARRAGANSETT R.I. — State-mandated full property revaluations for 2020 have started in Narragansett, the town assessor’s office announced last week.

Rhode Island requires by law that cities and towns revaluate all property every three years, and perform full inspections every nine years.

This is a full inspection year.

Narragansett hired Northeast Revaluation Group LLC of Warwick for the project. Inspectors from Northeast have begun the first phase, which consists of measuring and inspecting properties.

The vendor will inspect all 11,500 properties in town.

The inspectors will work in a north to south direction in town, and plan to finish their work by the end of the summer.

Data collectors will wear identification badges, and their vehicles have been registered with the police department.

Inspectors will introduce themselves when they visit a property, and request permission to enter the property to check information such as room counts, finished basements and other typical features.

If the property owner is not present at the time of an inspector’s visit, the inspector will check exterior measurements and other data and leave a note with information about scheduling an inspection.

At a later date, property owners that did not receive an interior inspection will receive a letter requesting that they make an appointment.

The measure and list process is an important part of the project, the assessor’s office said, and is used to verify or correct the information in the town’s tax database.

Data collectors do not have any information about tax bills, or potential changes in the tax rate, and no valuation decisions are made at the time of inspection.

The project is scheduled for completion in early 2021, and property owners will receive a new assessment notice at that time.

Property owners with questions or concerns can call the tax assessor’s office at (401) 789-1044.

The assessor’s office also notified property owners recently that March 15 is the final day to file for a homestead exemption.

The Narragansett Town Council on Feb. 27, 2017 adopted a homestead exemption. The exemption is set annually by the Town Council in an amount not to exceed 10 percent of the assessed value of a property.

The 2020 homestead application is available as of Jan. 1 and will be accepted through March 15.

The exemption applies to property that is the resident taxpayer’s principle residence and legal domicile and legally titled to the resident taxpayer, or a trust to which the resident taxpayer is the named beneficiary, or to a corporation entity owned and controlled by a resident taxpayer.

It also applies to property used exclusively for residential purposes and improved with a dwelling containing less than five units, or that is used for a combination of residential and commercial uses.

It doesn’t apply to vacant land and dwelling units that are leased or rented out.

For renewals of the homestead exemption by applicants who received the exemption last year, there is a change.

Effective for the 2020 tax period, applicants will no longer need to submit a renewal application to maintain an exemption. The exemption will remain in place until a request to remove the exemption, change in ownership or sale of property, or a change in residency status.

The tax assessor’s office will validate all homestead exemptions for eligibility. Town ordinances state that if a taxpayer knowingly gives misinformation about the ownership and/or occupancy of the real property subject to the homestead exemption, the tax assessor will “remove the homestead exemption and recalculate the tax for the period(s) in question and charge the taxpayer the maximum interest permitted by law.”

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