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Fishermen like Jon Williams, who call Galilee home, have depended for too long on the port’s aging docks and rusty bulkheads.

Williams’ Narragansett Crab Company brings in millions of pounds of fish per year, but he’s hamstrung by a dock that dates back to 1948 and can’t be used because it’s in such poor shape.

But he struck a hopeful tone Friday when Gov. Dan McKee came to his business to learn how Williams and his brethren would benefit from a multi million-dollar project to get the port ship-shape through repairs and modernization.

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Narragansett town officials said this week that the largest swatch of vacant land along the famed seawall, with its far-reaching vistas into the Atlantic Ocean, has no pending development plans after being sold last year to a new owner.

Located at 151 Ocean Road, the parcel has been empty for decades and has behind it a 36-unit two-bedroom apartment complex that is being renovated and leases are ending for those living in it, according to Michael DeLuca, town director of the Community Development.

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Conquering waves was something Matt Fraza, a local musician and theater performer, was determined to do in 1997-98 with his prosthetic leg that helped balance a real one. He stood up one time on a surfboard and never looked back.

“I stuck with it from that first day on,” Fraza said in an interview this week as a first-of-its-kind adaptive surfing event for disabled and other adaptive surfers is scheduled for Narragansett Town Beach on Saturday and sponsored by a national group helping disabled people surf and skateboard.

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A Superior Court judge on Monday stopped Narragansett from enforcing its controversial ordinance that limits the number of college students that can live in rental houses to three unrelated people.

Judge Sarah Taft-Carter granted a motion halting enforcement of the ordinance as part of a year-old case brought by Narragansett 2100, which represents tenants and landlords, against the town.

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For South Kingstown voter Al Killilea, Tuesday’s statewide primary offered up mixed results.

Killilea, a member of the town’s Democratic committee, voted for the party’s five endorsed candidates for Town Council seats, and all won.

But Democrats Nellie Gorbea, Killilea’s choice for governor, and Gorbea’s fellow South County opponent Helena Buonanno Foulkes both lost to incumbent Gov. Dan McKee.

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Rowen Wright, 9, of South Kingstown, said she is “excited, but scared,” from challenges and change ahead - as they also will come for many others - as the tradition of a new school year renews itself.

“I’m going to a bigger school and the gym is much larger than the other school,”  said the fourth-grader about her switch from South Kingstown’s shuttered Wakefield Elementary School to Peace Dale Elementary School this past Tuesday.

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Rhode Island’s primary on Tuesday features several high-profile statewide races, including for governor and the 2nd Congressional District seat being vacated by Rep. James Langevin (D).

In the local races for General Assembly seats, however, there are few party challengers to the incumbents, most of whom are seeking re-election.

Republicans have candidates for all of the legislative seats in our area, and Democrats will see primaries for just three seats.