I had never heard of Greg Mancini before the 2018 election. He won my vote based on the brief description printed in the South County Independent. After attending several Town Council meetings over the past two years I am confident that I made the correct choice; though I have not agreed with all of his positions, I have been impressed with his thoughtful analyses, and his inclusive, data-driven and consensus-building approach to governing and leading this council.

For anyone who has been to a Town Council meeting – in any town – you know these characteristics of members are not a given. In the few meetings I have attended, I personally witnessed idiotic, nonsensical proposals that have no relevance to life in our town, as well as decisions which led me to question the ethics and agendas of certain members. Greg, on the other hand, from the time he joined the council has espoused and practiced transparency and has made, what seems to be, a genuine effort to build community. As council president, he has been quite adept at managing personalities, helping to improve the tone of meetings and improving its efficiency, despite the forces of unreason often working against him. And, he has spearheaded an effort to build a new coalition of individuals who are willing to break with the status quo to make our community better.

Greg has worked incredibly hard for this town for two years and we will be better off if he remains on the council. Please support Greg and the other members of his ticket. It’s time to clean house in NK and bring in new people, with new, forward-thinking ideas.

Aaron Rome


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