The people have decided to spend only $5 million on refurbishing the town hall. Although the idea of having town hall-style forum to decide what to do with the building sounds nice, I would urge the town council to move quickly toward making the town hall usable as soon as possible, using the plans provided by our excellent and surely well-paid architects.

Delay will only cause all prices on materials to rise, decay, rot and mold to increase, more money to go into designing rather than building,  and in the end the $5 million will not cover the plans which were described to the voters,  at all.

I would like to see some resolution on one of the many buildings that are waiting for restoration in our town: the Town Hall building, the Old Library, Wickford Elementary School and the Old Town Hall near the Library.

Let’s get this project and the others that are waiting completed! I would urge the Town Council to do something, rather than talk about!

Carol Gjelsvik

North Kingstown

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