It is a shame that two Narragansett Town Councilors Patrick Murray and Susan Buonanno have given up on quality of life for Narragansett residents.  At a Narragansett Town Council workshop on Feb 8, Mr. Murray declared that “Eastward Look is not coming back, it is a student community, not a family community, those are the facts.”   Ms. Buonanno betrayed our neighborhood by proposing to increase the college student ordinance form three to four.  While Mr. Murray & Ms. Buonanno maintain they are on the side of the residents, their  actions align with the rental lobby in this town.  As the saying goes, if it quacks like a duck, walks like a duct — then it’s a duck.   Let’s hope Mr. Murray & Ms. Buonanno reconsider their position to quack along with the $50 million rental industry in Narragansett.    

Ron Gilchrist   


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Narragansett TC member Ewa Dzywierski also supports repeal of the 3 Student Ordinance and she and Murray advocate negotiating with URI.

URI has no standing in the operation of the Town and has no legal responsibility for ts off campus students .Meeting,with URI is a been there,done that exercise in futility.

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