To the Citizens of the North Kingstown Community and Beyond:

These are serious times. As I am sure everyone knows, the governor declared a state of emergency through April 8 (the maximum duration the law allows) and shortly thereafter the North Kingstown Town Council authorized our town manager to do likewise.  

Notwithstanding the directives of these two states of emergency, our town government and town government employees are doing as best as can be expected under the now in place emergency limitations and guidelines to service the citizens of North Kingstown.

Our town manager meets with all department heads daily to ensure that the town continues to provide the residents of our community with the services they deserve. Our fire and police first responders are courageously attending to the needs our citizens.  All other department heads and employees are working under unique and trying circumstances to service the residents of our town. Our teachers and school department officials who have worked hard to set up and implement the new on-line learning requirements of the state in order to educate our children.

Collectively, all of these town employees have all been an inspiration to me, and we, as a community, should be very proud of the efforts in this very exceptional time.

I also proud of our community because I have received numerous calls from friends and neighbors asking what they can do to help. To that end, our town has established a “hot line” for individuals looking to volunteer and assist in providing services needed to our senior citizens within our community  at 268-1579. We also may tap into these volunteers for food distribution but that has yet to be determined.

For more information about what our town is doing to respond to this crisis please go to  I encourage you to regularly utilize this link for updates.

In closing, the citizens of our community should know that our town employees are responding admirably to this crisis and as a consequence, I am confident that our town government will do its part to serve them during this unprecedented time.

Greg Mancini,

North Kingstown

Mancini is president of the North Kingstown Town Council

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