To my fellow North Kingstown residents:

To date, Rhode Island has had approximately 141,000 COVID cases and 2,638 related fatalities, Washington County has had 9,274 cases and 166 fatalities. It goes without saying that this COVID pandemic has been going on for too long. It has adversely affected, if not ravaged every segment of our society. From our oldest and most vulnerable, many of whom we have lost, to our youth who have had their lives greatly altered, to everyone in between the harmful impacts of this pandemic are self-evident and long lasting.  

However, it does appear we are starting to turn the corner. Our seven-day average is down to 400 cases a day from a high of 1,381 in early January, and vaccine access is now available for ages 40 and older. I write to urge my fellow eligible citizens of North Kingstown to get their vaccination as soon as possible so that we can do our part to make our community safer.

As someone who just became eligible and went for his first vaccine, I can tell you that the process for this first vaccine was smooth and easy, which few side effects. Accordingly, I strongly encourage eligible citizens of North Kingstown to get vaccinated. Many citizens, including 93 percent of our NK Fire Department have successfully done so already. It will make us all safer and allow our lives to get back to as normal as possible as soon as possible. Any consideration to doing so is appreciated.

Gregory Mancini

North Kingstown

The author is the current president of the North Kingstown Town Council.

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