When I see a piece of art on display, I know that beyond its visual and emotional impact, it also represents time. Time in creating it and countless hours learning and practicing technique, trying out and discarding different visions and ideas, and even trying to anticipate what “will sell” before the piece you are seeing was even conceived.

I think of this process a lot at this time of year as I and so many other artists take our artistic production into hyperdrive to get ready for end-of-year holiday sales.

This is my third year participating in the South County Art Association Holiday Pottery & Art Sale. It’s the 49th year of this particular sale, put on by a 92-year old art organization, so it is certainly a well-established tradition in the South County holiday scene. Together each year, 80 or so of our member artists plan, set-up, and work the floor of the three-week sale. It is a celebration of those months of making things and sharing them with the people who come through the doors.

Walking in on the first day of the sale — shelves, walls, baskets, and mantels filled to over-flowing with stunning and diverse pieces of art — I am so struck by the hours of creative effort represented in the SCAA gallery spaces. In those rooms swirl images of the artists whose muscles ache after hours sitting at a pottery wheel; who wiped layers of paint off their hands after long sessions at their easels; and who twisted yet another picture wire on the back of a new piece so it is ready to hang on the wall.

Since the SCAA sale is a three-week event, if you didn’t find that perfect something during your first visit, you might come by again. It could just be waiting for you at your next visit. Whatever your gift giving needs are, a stop by the South County Art Association now through Dec. 21 is sure to please. It is an experience for the senses and a great way to celebrate creativity and holiday spirit all at once.

Lynne Moulton

East Greenwich

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