The Narragansett voters really need to understand the candidates that will bring back democracy, open government and truly care about the residents of this beautiful town. We have witnessed a disgrace in government over the last 2 years where the majority of the town council have had their own agenda and not what’s best for the Narragansett residents. We have become a mockery at state level.

You can change the direction of our town by electing Susan Cicilline Buonanno to the Narragansett Town Council. In her past terms she demonstrated her commitment to ALL Narragansett residents. While Susan was Town Council President she showed strong interpersonal leadership skills that allowed her to always bring people together by listening to the residents as she sought compromises. It was displayed by her long term (20 years) commitment serving on the Narragansett School Committee and the Narragansett Town Council.

Susan is all about people first. I know having Susan back on the Town Council will bring civility and democracy to Narragansett.

Please join me in supporting my dear friend Susan Cicilline Buonanno for Narragansett Town Council on November 3rd. Someone who truly loves and cares about Narragansett!

Sue Wright


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Beverly Banfield

Susan did not support our initiative for a neighborhood parking ban during the URI academic year in 2018, nor did she participate in the one candidate forum for Town council, where all other candidates were present and contributed. Please vote for others who are supporting our neighborhoods to enhance the quality of life for Narragansett residents.

Beverly Banfield

If you believe Susan puts Narragansett residents first, please review this video where SBC, in a 4-1 vote where she was the sole dissenter, decided to put her agenda first, before the much sorely needed overnight parking restriction needed i the student semester.

Beverly Banfield

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