Harold Schofield’s letter (“Narragansett is a town that needs a vision”, The Independent, Jan. 6, 2022) is on the mark regarding that the current Narragansett Town Council definitely needs a vision! Those “paltry” 2021 accomplishments that the current TC touted, are lame, especially as it relates to the Town and its taxpayers.

-Why aren’t they addressing issues of this pandemic and how the Town is mitigating the spread of Covid?

-What about checking up on our less fortunate and elderly population and instituting a “Meal on Wheels” program?

-What about doing a Library Bookmobile and bringing the books and iPads directly to our townspeople especially in inclement weather?

-What about enhancing the library internet and having easier 24/7 access to it as well as support and teaching modules? It would be a virtual library and a win-win for all especially in times of any pandemics, flu-seasons, and inclement weather!

-What about property tax relief for those on fixed incomes who raised their families here but feel like they’re being squeezed out?

-What about hiring within the State of Rhode Island, e.g. architects who live and work in the state and know our surroundings and our needs?

-What about a plan to nullify any contract for maintenance activity for that  Gilbane building which the TC bought with “emergency funds” in the Pier, especially since the Town already has its own equipment to do its own maintenance? It can save us taxpayers many dollars!

(By the way, for those of you who are unaware, Belmont never owned that building)

What say you, current Narragansett Town Council members? What is your vision? Are you for us taxpayers, the people who vote?

Carl Ehmann


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