Everyone is talking about critical race theory these days. The local school committee meetings are filled to standing capacity and logged into via Zoom with angry parents and citizens. I’d like to try to explain what CRT is so we know how to fight it. It’s built on a political program of class conflict. (Marxist leftist ideology). Many nations underwent Marxist-style revolutions, Soviet Union, China, Cuba etc and all have resulted in atrocities. In the mid 1960s, Marxists in America came to realize that a worker’s revolution would never occur where living standards were rapidly improving. Most Americans believe in the American dream, that we can transcend our origins through education and hard work. Today’s Marxists have substituted race for class and seek to divide America based on racial and ethnic categories.  

Fortunately leaders like Martin Luther King Jr, Presidents Lyndon Johnson and Richard Nixon and the vast majority of Americans have sought fulfillment of the American promise of freedom and equality under the law.  

Unfortunately some still want “equity” which is easily confused with “equality.” Equality is defined in the Declaration of Independence, the 14th and 15th Amendments, Civil Rights Act of 1964 etc. These acts explicitly reject “equity” and Critical Race Theory. CRT theorists use words like “social justice,” “diversity and inclusion,” “culturally responsive teaching,” which are really reformulated Marxism. CRT theorist UCLA professor Cheryl Harris has proposed suspending property rights, seizing land and wealth and redistributing along racial lines. CRT guru Ibraim X. Kendi said “In order to be truly anti-racist, you must truly be an anti-capitalist.” Scary stuff for sure.

At the local school board meeting a young lady stood up to state “White people have all the power.” Is she negating President Obama’s eight years? Does she realize she rode the same school bus, attended the very same classes as everyone else, uses the same local library, able to attend the church of her choice, read whatever books she pleases and given the power of free speech at the meeting? And yet she was loudly and proudly proclaiming her victimhood her “oppression.” Who’s teaching this victimhood? Why aren’t they teaching them they can be whatever you work to be? CRT is the opposite of equality it promotes and demotes according to the color of your skin.  

CRT has permeated our education system, kindergarten to college and all levels of our government and shows no sign of abating.  

What can we do? Act locally, attend the school board meetings and pay attention to what your children are saying and learning and what the school board members support. Stop being fearful of their name calling because you don’t agree with their anti-American propaganda. Bipartisan coalitions are emerging to do battle against CRT and its proponents, as witnessed by the recent 3-1 defeat of the school bond. Most importantly next time you vote for a school board member remember educators are beholden to the unions which promote CRT.

Deb MacDowell


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