Before I get into this, I want to say I appreciated the efforts of Councilwoman Bergner and Councilwoman Rose for trying to allow this to play out. I appreciate that Councilwoman Bergner attempted to let Nicole Solas answer some of her questions before being asked to leave, which in my opinion, was a poor move.

At a recent town council meeting, it was brought to everyone’s attention that the state police were informed and could potentially charge the former superintendent with a crime. We then learned that a town council member made an executive decision to halt that process.

As in typical SK fashion, some members at the meeting tried to protect the person on the council instead of doing what would be best for the community they represent. Mr. Ursillo and Councilwoman Kelso attempted to assert that all decisions to press charges are made by the police/state, which is an interesting point. They left out a crucial detail that Nicole Solas correctly stated that the AG generally is not going to press charges if the claimant (in this case, the TC) is unwilling to cooperate. Councilman Collins effectively told the police that they (the TC) would not pursue charges.

Many examples of this occur in the system. If a domestic violence incident occurs but the claimant is unwilling to file the charge or speak against the defendant, charges typically aren’t pressed.

Beyond this, what is very concerning to me is that two council members voted against letting this be put on as an agenda item/discussion point. A third, Abel, went down a path as he has done before attacking the person’s merits, instead of defending himself against the claim.

I will ask all of you the same questions I asked the school committee in the past (before the newly elected members); at what point do individuals need to step down from their elected seats?

Is it when they are no longer serving the public effectively?

Is it when they are attacking members, not on the committee?

Is it when they are protecting their friends over serving the community?

Is it when ethics are violated?

Is it when they make a decision without members on the council knowing what has occurred?

I have many questions unresolved. It is disheartening, frustrating, and disappointing that these situations continue to plague this town’s leadership positions.

Sean Cote

South Kingstown

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