Thank you to everyone who made ArtVenture such a success:

The Town of North Kingstown that funds our local Arts Council, that makes it possible for us to fund Artventure as part of ReDiscoverNK, led by Anne Marie Balboni.

Cindy Di Sousa redesigned the original ArtVenture posters from 2015 with skill and patience.

To our members of the ArtVenture committee: Nora Hall, Deborah Sabo, Gail Shawn Burda, Deanne Defusco, Gerry Grabowski, Celia Gelfman, and Fran Crete (Fran was also responsible for the brilliantly clever library display).

Of course, our liaisons from the NK Recreation Dept. Chelsey Dumas-Gibbs, Director and Rose Pichette who help with all the Arts Council needs, Sybil and Steve Pierce, and Marjorie Johnston who helped hide the art.

We were blessed with art from 20 local artists. Some donated their creations and others were compensated at a much-reduced price.  The artists:  Roberta Belanger, Ann E. Bianchi, Gail Shawn Burda, Scarlett DeCesare, Dennis DiMauro, Jr., Mimi Huszer Fagnant, Deb Ferrazzoli, Alice Benvie Gebhart, Celia Gelfman, Lynn Grandpre, Gerry Grabowski, Rachael Higham, Julie Kennedy, Linda King, Donna Mazzone, Nicole Pichette, Pam Pitt, Deborah Sabo, Bev Silva, and Nancy Wyliie.

You can find out more about the artists and the Town’s trails at: Many people contributed to the web and journals set up and displayed on two of the trails.  I hope to compile these special pieces in some manner, for the public to share in the poetry, insight, and appreciation of nature, art, and the Town, left by some of those hiking our Town trails in the hope of finding a treasure, yet left treasures for all of us.

If you found art and have not sent in a photo, please do so at:  If you found a picture of an art piece and want to claim the actual piece, you can do so at the NK Recreation Department 100 Fairway Dr., NK.

And in case you don’t already know, our popular Summer Concerts start June 22!  We hope to see you at the bandshell!  

Nancy Whyte Sherman

North Kingstown

The author is the chairperson of the North Kingstown Arts Council.

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