Just when I think the elected ‘leadership” in this town can’t get any more dysfunctional, I open the paper and discover that  the Town Council has voted 3-2 to oust Robert Zarnetske, who will resign effective mid-June. Why? Because Mr. Zarnetske “pushed back” on some elements of an $85 million dollar, poorly-thought-out, school capital improvement plan? 

That’s exactly what I want our Town Manager to do — question assumptions, provide expertise, and don’t just be a “yes man.”

Sadly our Town Council — or at least three members of it — seems more intent on settling personal scores than making hard policy decisions. They’re angry that the school bond referendum was defeated by more than a 2-to-1 margin and they want someone to blame.

Town Council President Abel Collins cites a “grand scheme” by conservatives to turn the public against the plan. Well, Mr. Collins, I am a bleeding-heart liberal who has never in my life voted against a school bond before. I voted no this time because the plan was so poorly conceived, adding wings here, abandoning buildings there.

For an $85 million investment, I want to be convinced that school buildings serve students at all levels well into the future. (And yes the state would pay half, but don’t sell me a lousy coat and tell me I should love it because it’s on the “50% off” rack at Macy’s.)

Mr. Zarnetske, you deserve better. This town deserves better.  

Ann MacDonald


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